Journey to 2020 was a project I began in 2008, the year my daughter began Kindergarten.  She and her peers are the Class of 2020.  I thought it would be interesting to document their 13 year journey with photographs that not only encapsulate the moment, but, serve as a reminder of how much dramatic change they will experience through these crucial and formative years.
As her life began to blossom, so did mine with my digital camera.  Though, no longer a beginner, I remain on a journey to master the art of photography.  As I document the Class of 2020’s journey, the journey of child to adulthood, I think it would be equally as interesting to document the journey of  the photographer, from novice  to one that has mastered this art.  2020 is not only a measure of time, but, a symbol of achievement and clarity.  A vision, if you will, of a dream.  My dream.
This project will be an ongoing work in progress.  I have been told that it is important to stick with one theme.  This is going to be difficult.  I photograph for the equestrian world.  A world that is very important to my 8 year old and her show pony.  I photograph for the gardening world, a world that has been very kind to me not only through publications, but, also inclusion in their community.  I photograph for my own enjoyment.
I will share my discoveries, my successes and the invaluable tips I receive from my mentors, the most respected photographers in this community.  I hope that you find Journey to 2020, not only inspiring personally, but, also useful and inspiring in your own journey to mastering the art photography.
~ Jeanette Sinclair
Woodside Images
Camera Equipment
Nikon D70
Nikon D5000
AF-S Nikkor 18-50mm
AF-S Nikkor  18-70mm
AF-S Nikkor 70-300mm

Copyright and Usage Information
All text and images from Journey to 2020 are subject to U.S. and international copyright laws (© 2003-2011 Woodside Images). No text or image may be reproduced without permission from Woodside Images. All rights reserved.


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