Black and White


“No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.” ~ Oscar Wilde


My black and white work is what fulfills me the most as an artist.  I feel somewhat indifferent to how others view these photographs.  Black and white energizes me … touches my soul.  The same does not necessarily hold true of my color work.  With color, I feel much more vulnerable and judged and the work feels a little more commercial and contrived.  And, of course it would (and probably should), because I am commissioned for much of my colored work.  Don’t get me wrong, commissions and publications are a VERY good thing.  It’s just that I have recently been recognized for a few black and whites.  I can’t explain the joy it brings because it is in black and white where I feel and find my truth.

spurs“Spurs”  Rancho Viejo, CA

atrium“Atrium” ~ Casa Batlló, Barcelona

memphis car“Tennessee Ride” ~ Memphis

memphiscross“La Grange”

memphishouse“Abandoned” ~ La Grange, TN

Barcelona“Gaudí’s Neighbor” ~ Barcelona

Spain“El Quatre Gats” ~ Barcelona

Spain“Night Cap” ~ Barcelona

Spain“Closing Time” ~ Barcelona

Curved Lines“Curved Lines” ~ Casa Batlló, Barcelona

Gift“Desert Rat” ~ Palm Desert, CA

hakone“Hakone” ~ Saratoga, CA



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