The Privilege is All Mine


Quote of the Day:  “Your children will become what your are, so be what you want them to be.” ~ David Bly

The last two weeks have been focused primarily on my daughter and the horse show in which she participated in the desert.  This involved readying her pony, her riding gear, her riding clothes and packing the car (twice) for the seven hour drive to Thermal.  She and I could have flown to Palm Springs, letting her Dad shlep back and forth with the pup; however, our little one would have nothing to do with it.  “If Daddy has to drive, we are going with him.”   Personally, I would have flown :).

I was surprised when we told friends we were going back for the second weekend, that the common response was “wow, you are a much better parent than I for doing this”.   If they only knew how much we enjoy the 7 hours alone together as a family (okay, it was a total of 28 and iCarly helped us out).  Or, how much we love the desert air and the time spent with our barn family.  But, mostly, how much joy we get out of watching our little one grow as a person and competitor.  The sacrifices are small in comparison and priceless.

While there were disappointments and there were victories; it was with pride that we watched how she handled both with poise and grace.  This latest journey afforded her what she now describes as the “best day of her life”.  We feel lucky that we were able to be there, both of us, to share that “best” day with her.  To experience these life moments with are daughter is such a gift to us.

Small child, it is truly a privilege to be your Momma.


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